Can i hook up a thermostat to my hot blast wood/coal stove to control the heat in my home

Baseboard Heat for the household, diagram Install a coil for domestic hot water, or as many as three coils, for hydronic water-borne baseboard heat. Then use your stove, or your furnace, as an efficient hot water heating unit. The coil can be plumbed directly to your existing hot water tank. No special holding tanks are required. If your existing hot water tank is located higher than your stove, the hot water can circulate by natural convection. If instead your hot water tank is located distant from, or below the level of, your stove, an additional relief valve should be used near where the hot water line comes from the coil, and a circulating pump should be installed along the cold water line leading to the coil. In both cases, cold water is taken from the drain valve near the bottom of the tank, and the hot water returns through a tee at the top of the tank. If you have plumbing questions, we recommend that your coil be installed by an experienced plumber. Do I have to re-do any of my old plumbing? No, you can leave your old plumbing in place.

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However, it does have a limited range.

Oct 08,  · Working on wood furnace install I got my mechanical permit last week to install my wood stove last week (some things you can hide, but adding a chimney on the roof I figured could be pretty easily detected, especially with the software many places use to determine if .

Corn burning stove Keep in mind when you read these comments or ask questions from someone who has one of these products, some people realize they have not made the right buying decision and are embarrassed to admit it. You have to ask a lot of questions and check with folks who have at least a few years experience with the product they bought. We refer to the term BTU in some of these comparisons. BTU means British thermal units, which is a common measurement of heat used for any kind of heating device.

It is necessary for a gas or oil furnace to produce this amount of heat to take the bi-products of combustion out of the home. Most solid fuel furnaces and stoves are grossly inefficient compared to oil or gas appliances. There are several reasons for this. Wood with different amounts of water in it because of drying time burns at different temperatures.

Wet wood burns at a lower temperature and is therefore less efficient because of incomplete combustion. Forty per cent of the energy in wood is in the form of an unburned gas as it leaves the flame because it starves for oxygen as it leaves the flame. If a controlled amount of air is introduced right above the flame to burn these gases, the efficiency of the appliance increases.

Heating with pellet furnaces revitalizes home heat options

The customer is responsible for preparing the place where the unit is to be set. Just make sure it’s level. We hire a third party with a power trencher to do the trenching, and we lay the line.

The Pristine Gasification Series outdoor wood furnace models are our most economical & energy efficient units, burning up to 60% less wood than other outdoor wood furnaces on the market.

Wood Furnaces with Forced Air Unit A wood burning furnace is a type of furnace which uses wood as its main fuel source. In Sometimes, a wood furnace can use radiant heat to control environmental conditions in the house, or else it can be a forced air furnace. Forced air furnaces force air into the furnace, heat it up, then force the heated air into the ducts for distribution throughout the home. This process is also known as central heating. Basically, a fireplace can also be considered a wood burning furnace.

Of course, traditional wood burning furnaces may be more common, but as a really useful tool, a forced-air furnace unit is preferable.


I have two concerns with heating the electric tank directly using the wood boiler. From an energy point of view, unless you employ some controls the electric elements will always keep water in the tank up at or wherever you set them. That means the boiler can only heat above that. It isn’t allowed to do much work.

As long as two heat sources are trying to heat the same water, there will be potential for trouble

Harman SFSS Wood/Coal/Oil Burning Furnace Features: Warm Up Your Quality Time with Harman Central Heating Although it’s one of the most versatile units on the market today, the Harman SFSS Furnace uses no more Read More.

Myth – I can retro fit this to my existing wood heater Fact – Only if the wood heater is tested and approved to have a hot water jacket fitted. Myth — The hot water systems give you bad hot water pressure Fact — Actually this is wrong: Myth — You can’t use solar with a wood stove Fact — Again, this is incorrect, you can: Myth — The bigger the hot water jacket — the better the hot water Fact — No: Fact – Yes and no How does it heat the water?

Its very simple – hot water is lighter than cold water As the water is getting hotter and hotter, it starts to rise, this is called Thermosyphoning All the hot water jacket does is heat water, it does not store the water. Different types of Hot Water Tanks There are many different sytle of hot water tanks available: Town water supply to your home is normally Kpa To get the same pressure to your shower, this style of tank will need to be installed 4mtrs above the shower head in your shower.

Hydronic Water The Hydronic water is the same water heated by the Wood Boiler or Wood Stove that also is used in the radiators An Inhibitor is used in this water to prevent rust in your system and prolong the life expectancy A Offering Ltrs of domestic hot water at pressure The system is designed to work in this way Gravity systems is also known as Thermosyphon systems. It’s based that hot water is lighter than cold water – so as soon as there is a temperature increase:

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One of the most overlooked functions of a wood stove is heating water. The hot water front which is nothing more than a small tank with an inlet and an outlet was placed in the fire-box of the stove and the tank was connected by copper, steel, stainless steel, brass or cast iron piping. None of these systems required pumps or fancy controls. Instead of a circulating pump, the hot water would rise out of the water front into the top of the water tank. The colder water in the tank would fall out of the bottom of the tank and into the hot water front small tank.

Drolet is proud to present the Tundra II, a completely re-engineered high efficiency wood furnace that meets the new EPA (CSA B) clean-air standards. This enhanced furnace will provide considerable energy savings over a conventional wood furnace, using up to 30% less wood for the same amount of heat.

We would love to have your business! Below we have a YouTube video on gas furnace troubleshooting made by hvacrepairguy. I hope this video will help you solve your furnace problems. If you have any questions please feel free to email us at: We hope you have a blessed day! One of the most common furnace problems that I see is when the furnace hot surface ignitor will not glow.

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Technical Support What’s an outdoor wood-burning hydronic furnace? It all starts with wood. Wood is the most practical of all renewable energy sources. It is available during snow and sun, light and dark, hot and cold. For those living off of the natural gas pipeline, wood is also the cheapest energy source available.

Nov 04,  · We would set the wood furnace thermostat at the temperature we wanted and the gas furnace thermostat several degrees lower. The wood furnace had a squirrel cage blower on the back of it .

Thought for the Harvest: Choosing the Right Stove for Your Home Why a pellet stove might be the best option for heating your outbuilding Cabin fever: Considering fireplace and stove options for your home away from home How pellet furnaces and stoves can revitalize the way you heat your home When you think of wood heat, you might picture sitting around the fireplace, with most of the heat coming directly from the burning logs and the hearth.

While that might bring cozy memories and warm thoughts, wood pellet furnaces and stoves provide more than just a cozy place to sit — they can revitalize the way you heat your entire home. Units like the Magnum can heat any house up to 3, square feet and can be connected to existing ducting systems. And just like you can control a traditional heating system with a thermostat, you can do the same with a pellet stove, helping you get the most for your energy dollar.

Hard-to-heat spaces In many homes there are some spaces that are just hard to heat properly. One alternative to reconfiguring your entire duct system is using a pellet burning stove to heat that space.

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Cody, Virginia I built a system like that back in Tore it all out last summer and installed a central boiler. It served me well over those years. I first built a cinderblock building for the stove and wood.

A sidearm heat exchanger is a device used in conjunction with an outdoor wood furnace to heat your domestic hot water. Did you know your hot water heater accounts for about 20 .

Furnace Ducting If you intend to join an existing duct system, there may be two ways to go: Then the JUCA system would be totally independent of the other heating system. There are some things to watch for during installation. Join the duct system at its thickest point. Make sure that if the power goes out and the JUCA air gets much hotter, that the metal of the ducts would not cause nearby wood to catch fire. In this case, the JUCA blower will only have to move it’s air TO the cold air return, where the other furnace’s blower picks it up and distributes it from there without that furnace’s burner being on.

There are even more safety considerations to consider when using this approach.

How to hook up my wood stove and oil funace in the same flue

Forced air outdoor wood stove. November 04, , I built it with hopper bottom and a sliding trap door so I could dump ashes without shutting it down. I connected the fan limit control to a separate thermostat beside my gas furnace thermostat in the house. We would set the wood furnace thermostat at the temperature we wanted and the gas furnace thermostat several degrees lower.

The wood furnace had a squirrel cage blower on the back of it to circulate air.

Not only will you get up-to-the-minute information, but you can also see how your furnace has been operating over a period of time. With a little experience you’ll learn how factors like heat load, weather conditions, wood quality and proper maintenance can affect its operation.

Sidearm Heat Exchanger A sidearm heat exchanger is a device used in conjunction with an outdoor wood furnace to heat your domestic hot water. Did you know your hot water heater accounts for about 20 percent of your monthly energy bill? Hot water is a luxury we can’t live without, but heating your household water can be expensive. If you currently have, or plan on installing an outdoor wood furnace, a sidearm heat exchanger can be a great investment. How do they work? Well, they’re pretty simple.

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