Empire finale recap: Season 3, episode 18

However, Eddie, being the con artist that he is, made sure nothing is traceable to him. Eddie snaked his way around this one for now, but Lucious is no quitter. He resolves to handle Eddie a different way. That could go a lot of ways. He called a special announcement and performance at Leviticus, just to be petty. All that means for Lucious is game on. Edna is not with the drama and tells him they can talk when he gets it together. Eddie starts slick talking and gassing Shyne up. Shyne seems to be interested and even invites him to a studio session with that new white rapper he has been peddling.

Hakeem Lyon

Dark secrets the cast of Empire tried to hide Getty Images Christian Baker Empire has been one of television’s most talked about shows since it debuted in Today, it’s in its third season with a fourth on the way. Over the years Taraji P. While the Lee Daniels-created show has enjoyed much success in the spotlight, there are several issues behind the scenes that are shocking.

In fact, we’re only halfway through and we’ve already witnessed nearly a dozen deaths we deem “unnecessary” for one reason or another.

Isabella Biedenharn May 25, at I put steel in the skull of your enemy! Anyway, Cookie is still angry with Jamal about the bombshell he dropped on her last week: How can they even think about Vegas? Hakeem might actually be the only sane Lyon right now. At the same time, Andre is running over the final details of his plan to kill Lucious with Shine. Is he really not going to tell anyone that Leah murdered Tariq? Their children being missing?

This woman might be crazy, but she is brilliant. Andre heads to the press conference for the casino, where he meets Charlotte… and her husband was his name Nick?

The ‘Empire’ finale was full of murderous revenge and disastrous matrimony

Diana gets arrested for kidnapping baby Bella after the Lyons expose her at her event. Hakeem gets Anika to sign a confession, admitting that she helped Diana kidnap Bella. Hakeem explains that he grew up without his mother so he plans to let Anika spend time with Bella. Warren helps the Lyons expose Diana so Angelo goes to a hotel that Warren is staying at.

The Empire season four finale aired last night, and tragically killed off not ONE, but TWO major characters. Anika Calhoun (Grace Gealey) fell to her death after Andre Lyon (Trai Byers) drugged.

Pinterest Lucious and Anika sit tight. Anika and Lucious later break up as he rekindles his relationship with Cookie and she leaves for a rival record label. She and Hakeem fool around a bit and have a relationship in the press even though she would rather spend time with her girlfriend and Hakeem with his older lovers.

Becky Williams Gabourey Sidibe: The story so far The thing about Empire is that the story moves more frantically than the crowds trying to get a cheap TV at Walmart on Black Friday. People are falling in and out of favour, fortunes are made and broken in the span of an episode, and beefs are created and settled in between two commercial breaks.

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To make Lucious’s life so miserable that he’ll fold and turn informer for the state; to withold Lucious’s medication; and to prevent the recording of “Snitch Bitch. As far as I’m concerned, the world would be a better place without you in it. Oh, excuse me, I couldn’t help overhearing your rather troubling conversation! Allow me to introduce myself: I’m not saying Gucci Mane bought me this fine purple suit for services rendered while he was in prison , but I’m not saying he didn’t, either.

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Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Empire Season 4, Episode 6 Recap Angelo Dubois, of course, represents Anika in the hearing, which unsurprisingly features inelegant outbursts from Hakeem and Cookie. The perennially shady Thirsty and another unnamed lawyer co-counsel Hakeem. Also in this episode, Andre begins seeing a new therapist named Dr. Lambert in order to grapple with his conundrum of dating NYPD detective Pamela Rose while not placing his prone-to-crime family in danger.

Tiana breaks down in tears and Hakeem barks at her, calling her weak for not fighting back harder against Angelo on the stand. Lucious delivers a relatively strong case in favor of Hakeem, who grows frustrated with his attorney after he is told getting Bella is still a long shot away. He bombards Anika with nearly a dozen questions about her daughter and she is unable to answer any, though Hakeem obviously knows all the answers.

His point is made clear: The Lyons begin celebrating their near-victory when Angela brings in his secret weapon: Even if Angelo tells the judge at the start of the hearing that his mother is traveling Diana comes home early from her trip looking supremely confident and ready to hurt the Lyons hard. She reveals that she and Hakeem have had clandestine meetings every week to discuss Bella.

Empire’s Anika & Andre Are Dating!!

Check out the report card I made on TVJuriste. What am I going to do with my Wednesday nights now? What other show can compare to this deliciously dramatic soap opera about the Lyon family and control of the mega-successful Empire music company. Paper Bag Test in ? This cast just keeps getting lighter and lighter! Does anyone think Becky looks good in that blond wig?

Roughly 15 minutes into Empire’s Season 3 finale on Wednesday it’s revealed that Andre and Shyne are planning to murder Lucious not with a bullet but with a bomb. What’s more, the I.E.D. is slated.

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The bigger problem, though? Nobody knows where Warren is. He and Hakeem, fed up, head to Empire; Cookie and Lucious leave shortly after. As they walk out, Cookie has a prison flashback: Poundcake finally has her baby, and being a mother seems to change everything for her. She, Lucious, and Thirsty take the Andre situation into their own hands.

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What must you surrender in exchange for the right to permanently elevate your social standing in America? The price the Lyons have to pay for success is perpetual dysfunction and dizzying identity issues. The family legacy that Cookie spent 17 years in prison to protect — the one that kept her going during her incarceration, epitomized by grainy photos and half-remembered songs — has been poisoned by money, power, and ego.

Their relationships are built on lies — told both to each other and to themselves. The most duplicitous Lyon of them all is also the one caught most dramatically between his racial identity and his ambition: Lucious Lyon may be a whiner, a narcissist, a liar, and a slave to his prodigious libido, but he is no fool. Lucious sees the white power establishment as a dragon to be slayed, whereas his one son without musical ability views that world as something to aspire to.

This scene is the most powerful demonstration of this dramatic tension since the show started. They will never accept you. I hate projecting my own issues onto TV shows. We never had to spend much time thinking about our problems. If I was, I would have married a Schwarzenegger. After spending the entire episode doing his best Harvey Dent impression , Lucious picks Anika over Cookie.

anika calhoun

Timeline From left to right: Andre, Cookie, Jamal, Hakeem. I need to start grooming a successor. And it can only be one of you.

“I am so sick and tired of your spoiled, entitled ass,” she says, and tells him to go get back with Anika. She storms out, as she should, and Hakeem starts whining to Shine.

All Empire All The Time. Hakeem has serious problems to worry about. His daughter, Bella, was taken by child protective services. Lucious and Jamal collaborate on a new song Music brings Lucious and Jamal together. They have hated each other the entire season. Jamal swallows his pride, goes into the studio and starts singing to the beat. Jamal tries to end the feud by visiting Angelo. Angelo rejects the money at first but then he accepts it.

The young rapper is growing up. Andre better worry about his relationship with Nessa. He told Giuliana Nia Long that him and Nessa have an open relationship. Giuliana asks Nessa about it leading Nessa to confront Andre.


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Even The Sunday Times was caught up in his estimation of himself. The valuation of his properties on which his wealth was estimated was, to put it mildly, wildly optimistic — and much of what he did own was borrowed from some extraordinarily credulous banks. So who is the real Andrew Davis — and how did he manage to create, and lose, an empire to rival that of the greatest hoteliers in history? They have no blue-blooded Countess von Essen in their family, nor any accompanying family motto.

His father was not on the main board of Redland Tiles, but one of its subsidiaries. As for his schooling, it was Reigate Grammar and Caterham College, not Gordonstoun, which must share the honour of educating our very own Jay Gatsby. Because Davis, in truth, was not a good hotelier. His properties suffered from the lack of constant attention and redecoration which hotels demand.

The Good Hotel Guide dropped his hotels and unfavourable reviews were commonplace. One former colleague says: He might put 20 sugars in his coffee without looking. At one stage he had a girlfriend called Kate Hatcher, with whom he has a son called Jocelyn Hatcher-Davis, 18, now a student at Leeds Metropolitan University. Nicholas Coleridge, Managing Director of the Conde Nast magazine group, once had a baffling lunch with Davis in which the hotelier listed the five world-famous hotels next on his shopping list and then swore him to secrecy.

Trouble was, Davis had a mortgage as big as the Ritz too, and earlier this year defaulted on his interest payments.

Cookie Tries To Look Extra Hot For Her Date With Angelo