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Was never able to use it on stage because it was far too bassy but used it on Stand Up on Nothing is Easy. I loved the shape of it and, switching from an Airline, I liked the shorter scale neck. I played it through an Acoustic , which seemed to be the biggest bottom most road durable amp of it’s day – Dennis Dunaway, Alice Cooper The difference between the EBO and the EB3 was the extra pickup and associated electronics in the bridge position on the EB3. Both used the same materials, mahogany bodies and necks maple necked from with rosewood and occasionally ebony fingerboards. During much of the production run, the EB0 had a 3-ply pickguard b-w-b whilst the EB3s had 5-ply b-w-b-w-b. Strengths Short scale, mahogany throughout and the unique Gibson EB humbucker made for a quick playing bass with a heavy heavy sound.

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Guild History American Musical Supply has the sought-after craftsmanship of Guild Guitars to satisfy the most discerning musicians! With guaranteed lowest prices and Guild’s unbeatable offerings, AMS is the place to find the Guild Acoustic or Electric guitar to fit your needs. Collection celebrates some of Guild’s most iconic electric models, including the semi-hollow and hollow Starfire guitars and basses, rockin’ M Aristocrat, and elegant archtop jazz guitars like the A Savoy and X Manhattan.

For clean acoustic sound either alone or amplified, Guild’s acoustic guitars provide a warm, balanced sound to suit any player. Jumbo Cutaways like the Guild F CE acoustic electric create round bass, clear mids and highs and a natural amplified sound. For classic Guild tone and tremendous value, the new Westerly Collection offers all solid tonewoods and performance features in a variety of body shapes and finishes, perfect for serious players.

Vegas Guitars Custom Shop, Number one for guitar parts, luthier supplies, guitar repair, tools, service, and mods and a full line of fret working tools, body, top, neck & fretboard wood. Victor Machinery Exchange Inc., industrial supplier specializing in machine shop supplies, metal-cutting tools, and precision measuring instruments.

Our Staff is not made up of Computer IT Experts, but of experienced professionals who care about the products we sell. Call us – 1. It’s a story rich in people and personalities, instruments and artists, triumphs and tragedies. But more than anything else, it is the story of a year-old commitment to quality craftsmanship, superior value and guitars that are made to be played. The Guild Guitar line was founded as a quality alternative to the Gibson-Epiphone merger. Alfred Dronge, a professional guitarist and music store owner, and George Mann, a one-time Epiphone exec, formed a partnership and registered the Guild name in October of The partners set up shop in a square-foot New York City loft in the midst of two very important communities: From the former group, Guild hired a handful of seasoned craftsmen to begin the design and production of the original Guilds.

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Each page has 7 loose-leaf binder holes punched. Download includes PDF continuous document allowing you to see or print it all. Shows and describes all the Alamo amplifiers, reverb unit, foot pedal,etc offered by Alamo Electronics Corporation in San Antonio Texas at the time.. This 10 page catalog contains Voice Of The Theatre Speaker systems, microphones, speakers, amps and accessories from this period.

E-mail. Westerly Guild Tuners. Complete sets and individual available. NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING, USA ONLY. PAYPAL ONLY. USPS SHIPPING. Guild Schaller and Grover U.S.A. 3×3.

I have a Madeira Model A35 with rounded head stock that was made in Japan. I have a c Madeira Classical Guitar. My Dad Aaron Shearer gave it to me about 30 years ago. I’m not sure how to date it. There are no markings on it except for the Model Label. Any help would be appreciated. I have the same model and have no clue as to age and value. I am looking for an A Madeira guitar for a reasonable price or just the metal adjustable saddle for one and top nut. I purchased the above guitar in London early 80’s.

Does anyone have any info on it? I was going to sell it and buy something better as it did not cost me much. Is this a good idea and how much would I have to spend to get a similiar quality now? I have a Madeira bought new in the or I went to the music store to buy something new and had to talk myself into the Madeira because even back then, that was incredibly inexpensive.


Gorgeous to play with a very comfortable neck profile and playing action we were amazed at the range of sounds this beauty could produce! Not many guitars can go from Duane Eddy style rockabilly to Joe Pass chord passages just by the flick of the pickup selector, but this guitar certainly can! It features a beautiful rich and deep sunburst finish and is a truly wonderful instrument to view as well as to play! The craftsmanship on this guitar is quite excellent and you can clearly see why Guild were so proud of their X-series guitars and only used the finest materials in their construction.

Condition — The guitar is in very good condition throughout apart from some minor wear marks and a scratch visible around the rotary controls which you can see from the photographs. The frets are in very good condition with surprisingly little wear.

This is a finding aid. It is a description of archival material held at the University of Pennsylvania. Unless otherwise noted, the materials described below are physically available in our reading room, and not digitally available through the web.

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SOLVED: Guild M CS serial#, What year was this

Please check the collection records in the NYPL’s online catalog for detailed location information. For general guidance about requesting offsite materials, please consult: Warren was a leading performer with the Metropolitan Opera for over twenty years, whose significant accomplishments have been overshadowed by his dramatic death onstage during a performance.

Guitars of every kind at Guitar Gallery in Nashville, TN. Mostly handmade, acoustic guitars, by individual luthiers of the highest caliber. Square Deal, Olson, etc.

Sure you can, because Matsumoku or Univox were ever involved in any lawsuit. The only problem with my Ibanez is that the bridge inserts, and the bridge itself, corroded over the years from sweat. Time to get one of those Pelican rifle cases and cut out the foam to accommodate the instrument. Deen Hello SoundFly readers, Thanks to you guys for caring enough about true information to post your thoughts. Sadly, the internet cannot always be trusted, but I am happy to share sources for some of the facts claimed here, and will gladly adjust if those facts are proven wrong.

This was not meant to be an exhaustive historical account, but more to help clarify for newer guitar buyers, to arm an individual with information for their own resources, and to prevent anyone from getting scammed. The lawsuit era guitars are a can of worms, which I am just as happy to leave closed. Lawsuit guitars are not always what they seem.

Lets use Takamine for example, as I have owned 1 or 2 in my life. They were so blatant that they copied even the script on the head stock. Now while it may be true that many of the Taka-Martins were at least equal to the originals, most were much better. Now we can get the Martin guys going.

SOLVED: Can you tell me when this colt was made SERIAL

Acoustic Guitar Catalogs We have the largest collection of vintage guitar literature available on the Internet right here at VintAxe. Our high resolution scans have excellent color contrast and even the smallest print can be read. Due to the cost of keeping this large collection of images online, we are asking that visitors interested in viewing the catalogs pay a small subscription fee to help offset some of the cost of buying, scanning and hosting the catalogs. Subscribing to view the catalogs is easy.

Dating Valco Instruments. The most effective way to date a Valco guitar or amp is by its serial number. From the ‘40s until , the serial could be found stamped into a small metal plate that was tacked onto the back of the headstock or the back of the cabinet.

GAD Guild , Guitar , Pointless Ramblings I think we as guitarists tend to think of guitar factories as glorious magical places where our favorite instruments are born. A random question on a forum made me wonder what the history of Guild factories looks like so I spent far too much time trying to track down addresses and current pictures of the current and past factories where Guild guitars were born made.

This article is the result of that research. Sadly, such an address no longer exists and Google Maps delivers a generic location on the edge of Pearl Street adjacent to Foley Square for reasons that will readily become apparent. Hint — it has to do with neighborhoods being torn down in favor of skyscrapers. Entering the address into Google Maps and spending more time than I care to admit, I finally discovered these old pics of Pearl Street behind the court house which still stands today.

Progress, and all that.

MADEIRA by GUILD 80´s Japanese guitar