Introduction to the History of Art: Sumerian Art: The Warka Vase

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Ancient Greece[ edit ] The evidence about female homosexuality in the ancient Greek world is limited, it being hardly mentioned in extant Greek literature. At least among these Athenian men, the discussion and depiction of female homosexual activity seems to have been taboo. Two poets from the archaic period, Sappho and Alcman , have been interpreted as writing about female homosexual desire.

Alcman wrote hymns known as partheneia, [note 1] which discuss attraction between young women.

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Exotic Goods and Foreign Luxuries: The Ancient Roman Marketplace Bronze wine mixing bucket with goose-shaped handles from a thermopolium fast food eatery in Pompeii Roman 1st century AD. It was perhaps the extra sweetness that the compound gave to the syrup that drew the attention of the Romans. According to one source, the discovery of lead II acetate as a sweetener was an accident. As they were trying to make their products sweeter, Roman winemakers were experimenting with various ingredients and preparation techniques.

At some point of time, they tried boiling the leftover unfermented grape juice in lead kettles. When the entrepreneurial winemakers noticed that this procedure produced the sweetest syrup, they decided to begin making this substance in large amounts. Bacchus Dionysus , Vatican Museums.

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The faculty of the College believe that a sound knowledge of biology is essential for understanding the world in which we live, engaging many pressing problems facing humanity, and becoming a part of their eventual solution. The Biological Sciences Collegiate Division, therefore, provides a variety of general education courses for all College students—prospective biologists and non-biologists alike. Although most of the course offerings beyond the introductory year are designed to serve the needs of students majoring in biological sciences, many of these courses are well suited to students in other areas who wish to study some aspect of modern biology in greater detail.

Courses on the ethical and societal implications of the biological sciences, for example, are of interest to many non-majors.

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Some features of this site may not work without it. This dissertation applies network theory and statistical methods to study inscribed magical gemstones dating from the first to fifth centuries CE. All of the attributes on these gems material, color, image, and inscription are arranged in a network data structure and clusters of statistically significant correlations are identified.

Then, more traditional art-historical and linguistic approaches are leveraged to elucidate the meanings of these clusters and confirm or refute previous arguments about the inscriptional and iconographic associations on these gems. The core of the dissertation constitutes three case studies, each concerned with a different subset of magical gem: Scholars have often hypothesized a syncretistic Graeco-Egyptian solar religion when analyzing the inscriptions and iconography on each of these gem groups, but, in most cases, these case studies demonstrate that such a solar hypothesis not substantiated.

Furthermore, it is argued that the solar hypothesis has little heuristic value and to the extent that solar valences can be identified for elements on these gems the solar hypothesis generally obfuscates more significant meanings.

Archaeology and National Identity in Israel

This is Nippur, for thousands of years the religious center of Mesopotamia, where Enlil, the supreme god of the Sumerian pantheon, created mankind. Although never a capital city, Nippur had great political importance because royal rule over Mesopotamia was not considered legitimate without recognition in its temples. Thus, Nippur was the focus of pilgrimage and building programs by dozens of kings including Hammurabi of Babylon and Ashurbanipal of Assyria.

Despite the history of wars between various parts of Mesopotamia, the religious nature of Nippur prevented it from suffering most of the destructions that befell sites like Ur, Nineveh, and Babylon. The site thus preserves an unparalleled archaeological record spanning more than years. Settled around B.

This dissertation applies network theory and statistical methods to study inscribed magical gemstones dating from the first to fifth centuries CE. All of the attributes on these gems (material, color, image, and inscription) are arranged in a network data structure and clusters of statistically significant correlations are identified. Then, more traditional art-historical and linguistic.

The Section of General Internal Medicine GIM encompasses a highly talented, very collegial and committed faculty who are recognized nationally in the areas of medical education, ethics, clinical care and research in healthcare disparities and outcomes. The Section continues to be recognized for its significant teaching efforts and leadership in the Pritzker School of Medicine as well as its strong community partnerships and outreach programs.

Recent accomplishments include studying the impact of the Affordable Care Act ACA , resulting in increased demand for primary care for many more medically complex patients. Many GIM faculty play key leadership roles in medical education at The University of Chicago serving as directors for the internal residency program, medical student courses and fellowship programs.

We invite you to learn more about the teaching, research, and clinical activities of our dynamic Section through contact with individual faculty members and programs. In , the Section of General Internal Medicine was organized to include separate GIM inpatient, outpatient, and consultation services. The Section of General Internal Medicine assumed responsibility for housestaff training and for relationships with community hospitals.

A fellowship program was established for trainees interested in academic GIM and educational leadership. With the support from our Department Chairs since ,GIM research has flourished at The University of Chicago, with faculty recognized as national leaders in the areas of medical ethics, health economics and policy, health services and outcomes research. Research Accomplishments General Internal Medicine research at The University of Chicago encompasses studies of health services and health disparities, care for vulnerable populations, medical ethics, cost effectiveness and quality of care in various settings.

Our researchers have established a vibrant program of research with support from such agencies as the National Institutes of Health, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, the Centers for Disease Control, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and other prestigious venues, and publishing in the New England Journal of Medicine, the Journal of the American Medical Association, the Journal of General Internal Medicine, and other national and international publications.

GIM research faculty collaborate broadly with faculty from the Departments of Public Health Sciences, Sociology, Economics, Pediatrics, and the Harris School of Public Policy Studies, and many hold joint appointments as evidence of their interdisciplinary scholarship.

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Negligent Manslaughter — The killing of another person through gross negligence. Sexual Assault— Rape is defined as penetration, no matter how slight, of the vagina or anus with any body part or object, or oral penetration by a sex organ of another person, without the consent of the victim. Incest is defined as nonforcible sexual intercourse between persons who are related to each other within the degrees wherein marriage is prohibited by law.

Statutory Rape is defined as nonforcible sexual intercourse with a person who is under the statutory age of consent.

School of Social Service Administration. Law, Policy & Society. Summer/ Corrective measures. By Lucas McGranahan. A Center for Gender and Sexuality Studies event explores a lesbian love triangle dating to UChicago’s earliest days. Law, Policy & Society. Mar–Apr/

His Life and Work: A Historical and Critical Study This bibliography was itself the result of a great deal of work by Lukes himself, depending upon earlier bibliographies like those contained in Harry Alpert’s Emile Durkheim and His Sociology and the bibliography prepared by Armand Cuvillier for the Durkheim centenary issue of the Revista mexicana de sociologia These were updated with the assistance of W.

As in the Peregrine edition, I have adopted the Lukes enumeration scheme, extending it to refer to specific English translations as well as to edited volumes in which these translations are contained. Translations As Lukes has warned us, the quality of the translations of Durkheim’s works varies enormously from the very poor to the excellent.

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News, careers, events, and more for University of Chicago alumni, parents, families, and friends. At a May 31 celebration in Hyde Park, NASA announced that its first mission into the sun’s atmosphere will be called the Parker Solar Probe in honor of UChicago astrophysicist Eugene .

December 10, One of the most frustrating things I had with people is the lack of empathy and dismissive attitude to what happened to me. Was it the worst thing ever? But the past two years had a lot of situations that traumatized me along with people who hurt me deeply. It’s incredibly frustrating that people who haven’t been through what I’ve been through are so dismissive about how my life has been affected by shitty and unreasonable people, multiple hospitalizations, countless “medications” which honestly fucked me up more than it helped.

I haven’t been severely depressed my whole life, I would say I’ve had a mild depression dysthymia as one of my psychiatrists said until in when I went through a lot of emotional trauma. I was then hospitalized and put in a psych ward two years ago on Christmas because I drank a lot I’m sure I was the only person ever in the universe to cope with a depressive episode with a single night of drinking. At that point I had no suicidal urges, no self harm urges.

However that hospitalization experience traumatized me and once they put me on meds for the first time I began to experience suicidal thinking. What was not disclosed to me until a couple weeks ago is how they were putting me on medication for bipolar disorder. They never really informed me they believed I had bipolar and today my psychiatrist has concluded I most definitely do not have bipolar disorder.

They put me through treatment for borderline personality disorder which included a hospital stay several states away from my home and once again, now they concluded I don’t have borderline personality disorder either. It’s honestly no wonder now that the medications and treatment I was put under initially greatly made my life worse. I’m doing “okay” today. And by okay, I mean I’m not completely overcome with suicidal thinking and or attempts like it plagued me the past two years.

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